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Yancy E. ~ Flower (Album Release)

Yancy E. ~ Flower 17′

One week ago today Yancy E dropped “Flower 17′.” It’s a continuation and evolution of his eccentric and impressively individualistic sound. Spring is naturally a time of birth and symbolizes growth and new life! “Flower 17′” is refreshing to say the least. It’s imbued with culture, passion, emotion and a drop of anxious anticipation. The rich music history of the DMV area in which Yancy resides is an obvious inspiration for his eclectic sound. Mixing rock elements with hip-hop is nothing new yet Yancy finds a way to make it all sound refreshing, inspiring, and innovative. Listen below

Flower 17′ Tracklisting 

1. Highlife ft. Rèmi Fréyo

2. Rockstar



5. There’s a lot goin’ on

6. Afterparty ft. Enica 

7.  Lane / Wave / Ride

8. Paranoia

9. Used to

10. Flower trap ft. Kid Reckless

11. Good Vibes Only

12. No Cursing

13. Heaven Sent / Pt. 1

14. AMBMD / Pt. 2

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Benny Universe ~ Grown Ass Kid

Benny Universe

“Grown Ass Kid”
Prod. by Elijah Ali


Benny Universe, formerly known as “Kidd Prodigee,” is a 20 year old Singer/Rapper and songwriter from Maryland. “I make music because it’s the only thing that can not be taken away from me, I lost my mother at the age of 10 and I never knew my father, all my life I have had everything taken away from me beyond my power and now I use my music as my power. I currently record all my songs on an iPad. What I want to do with my music is to inspire other people who are in a similar situation to me and let them know that things can change for the better.”

Grown Ass Kid is his first music release as Benny Universe. It has a jazz influenced soundtrack with smooth keys creating a delicate bed for his equally smooth vocals to lay over, a classic hiphop 808 carries the track rhythmically as Benny croons about the perils of growing up. I know he’s not the only one who hasn’t figured out how to “Adult” quite yet or maybe we just simply don’t want to…*sigh*

Check out the song below and follow him to keep up with future releases!


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Jimi X ~ Famine

Jimi X


Prod. by Purist Potillo

“Famine is a declaration to eat by any means.” – Jimi X

“Famine” is the newest release by San Antonio, Texas artist Jimi X. This song is motivation to go out and get it by any means necessary. “Niggas gotta eat” and often times, with the way our democracy is set up, many of us are left feeling famished and forgotten. Play this song if you don’t know how your going to pay rent this month; I’m sure by the end of the 4 minutes and 40 seconds, you’ll have figured something out!

Instagram & Twitter: @puristpotillo

Snapchat: @iampotillo

Listen on Spotify:

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