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A Father’s Day Feature with Soncier

Soncier is a brewing hip-hop artist from Washington, D.C. with a lot of passion and promise. We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with him on multiple occasions and it didn’t take us very long to fall in love with his unique style. A ‘conscious artist,’ all of Soncier’s music seeks to elevate, encourage, and empathize with listeners. His song “K.I.D.S” is the perfect song today for all the young fathers out here trying to do right by their kids.

Watch the music video for it and read our Q&A with him below

Where did the inspiration for your song “K.I.D.S” come from?

Well, I was inspired by some of  active dads that are in my circle. They take care of their children with dignity and I felt as though they needed a record to represent them. There are a lot of single mother songs on the market , but the colored man’s image has been tarnished and made a mockery.

Therefore, it was only right for me to restore it with K.I.D.S.

Do you have any encouraging words for the father’s all across the world today?

 Yes , keep believing in yourself. Do not let the machine dictate to you what a man is suppose to be. I’m going to always support the genuine strong men on our planet.
Just when you think no one notices, I will make it my duty to uplift our men of color. Love your kids and do right by your family,  by any means necessary.

How do you feel about the ‘conscious artist’ label?

I don’t mind the label at all. Even when I write a R&b or pop fusion kind of song , there is always a conscious message Hidden. For example, my record ” I Need A Condom” is pop. However, the message is clear with blatant delivery and melodic emphasis. The new conscious is now what I like to call ” Conscious Pop.”

Do you feel a moral responsibility to educate through your art?

Yes , I do feel as though I need to educate but not in a forceful way. I have to be mindful of the machine that dictates the product that is released to the masses. I know that music isn’t the only way to educate. Therefore, I will always hold myself accountable to provide enlightenment through other methods . Methods I won’t care to disclose at this time!

Stay tuned to keep up with this young budding artist and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Soncierthehero for all the latest updates.

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