Dano ~ Kno Ur Limit (New Release)

It’s quite hard to find a song where the lyrics compliment the beat behind it, however, on the latest single released by rapper Dano titled “Kno Ur Limit,” this is done skillfully. Though a relatively simple track, Dano brings forth the perfect concoction of sinuosity and genius flow. The beat alone is honestly enough to have you hooked, but if that doesn’t meet your satisfaction, the background vocals brought forth are bound to. Though an essentially minuscule detail, they can easily determine whether a song is a hit or a miss, and for Dano, the background vocals definitely play a huge role in the execution. “Kno Ur Limit” masters balancing the right amount of buoyancy and mellow vibes thus contributing to the perfect medley. Good luck keeping this song out of your rotation.

Dano is a rising rapper based in the DMV whose crazy work ethic and refreshing energy is definitely something to look out for. Follow him on social media to keep updated on all of his creative endeavors 👇🏾

Twitter: @djfuller16

Instagram: @danojf


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