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David Kassan – Painting Perspectives

David Kassan is an acclaimed American painter who hails from Little Rock, Arkansas. He specializes in painting life-like portraits of people who were in his life. Whether they were a friend, relative, or a stranger. Kassan captures the soul of his subject’s in every portrait. From the shade on the canvas to the smallest detail on the ear lobe, it’s like the portraits can come to life at any moment. My favorite portrait of his has to be the oil painting titled “Jaece.” After looking at the portrait on Kassan’s Instagram, I felt as if I was seeing my grandmother on the portrait. It was more than just a painting it was an outer body experience. We think it’s also very cool how Kassan holds classes and workshops to showcase and teach his passion to others. The greatest gift is always being able to impart wisdom to others while you’re still alive because you never know when your time on Earth is almost up. For more amazing paintings, exhibits, and workshops, follow David Kassan on Instagram and Twitter (@davidkassan).

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