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King Bounge ~ Q&A

Artist Name: Bounge

Age: 26

Hometown: Baltimore

Twitter: @boungeofficial

Instagram: @kingbounge 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

Craft(s): Music, Art, Writing

1. What would be your spirit animal and why?

A wolf… Because I’ve always felt the presence of wolves. Practically a synonym for Bounge. 

2. Where did the moniker ‘King Bounge’ come from? 

Couple things; it describes this wolf-king character I draw that is kinda like a Bounge mascot, also people have referred to me as the “king” for killing beats. 

3.  At what point did you realize art was your calling?

Day one. 

4. What are a few of your short-term creative goals?

Right now I just want to flesh out all of the songs I’ve already recorded for my album, finalize them and then feel the freedom to start new projects. I also want to wrap up this video I started with a dope duo for a track coming out on a vinyl compilation.


5.  What is your most memorable moment of 2016?

2016 was intense… one night I had gotten news that an old close friend had died and then I had to work a 12 hr double at one of the three restaurant jobs I had. I had to put off grieving all day because I was at work, so when I got off, I stopped down a side street to sob. This bunch of like 10 or so kids road up on bikes, surrounded me, and realized I was crying. I told them why and they all just put their bikes down and talked to me. For me it was the highlight of a horrible week… An hour later they ended up trying to jump someone I know nearby. 

6. What three words best describe your personality?

Raw, empathetic, hungry

7.  When you die what do you want people to remember you for?

Kindness. I want to make a dent in any evil by taking all opportunities to help others. 

8.  Fuck, Marry, Kill: Shaggy, Chip Skylark, Johnny Bravo

Kill: only know who shaggy is n don’t relate to him

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