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Quote: “Even when he is still, the selfish man is busy. Even when he is busy, the selfless man is still.” – Ashtavakra Gita


Dear World,

As ironic as this may seem, selflessness isn’t about others as much as it’s about you. Selflessness is freedom. When you own a selfish mentality, its like using a cellphone that always needs to be on the charger. Most times, it takes experiencing life from both perspectives to really understand this. Selfishness proves to be one of the biggest problems when dealing with issues of communication in personal relationships or even business. When you look to only please yourself not only are you disallowing honest, deep connections with others but you’re missing out on a world of opportunities that can get overlooked when you only look at life through one lens; things such as not seeing folks being helped by your gifts, or not being able to recognize a need in society that can be met with your product or service. It becomes much easier to fixate on your own needs and never reach your full potential. It becomes much easier to slip into cycles of addiction and lack of fulfillment. It becomes much easier to lose wealth or relationships. Why? Because selfishness causes the view of your world to contract when the whole point of development is to expand. Selflessness, I believe, isn’t only about putting yourself last or allowing yourself to be unhappy for other people’s happiness, which is why I think the concept of self-love is so important to promote, many people find themselves in this position at some point in their lives. Loving your self is essential to your growth and to becoming the best you so that you can carry out your purpose in this life and find that fulfillment that we all deserve—selfishness isn’t. Now, of course when it comes to sacrifice and love, everything is situational. A selfless mentality just gives you a different view of each situation, allowing you do what’s best for the greater good. Selflessness, I believe, is the understanding that you’re in every person and every person is in you. When you’re not focused on yourself but in the commonality you share with everything around you, your view changes immensely. This doesn’t mean expecting others to see the same things or giving love only when you receive it. Quite the contrary actually, you won’t even be concerned with receiving anything in return because you’ll know, “When I serve you, I serve me. When I learn about you, I learn about me. When I care about you, I care about me.” Whether you’re interacting with a 7 year old or a 70 year old, of any background, I’d be willing to bet money that you could find at least one similarity connecting you or a piece of inspiration that can resonate with you—if you’re open to it that is—and that my friends, is selflessness. The same way your words flow easier when you’re not self-monitoring is the same way true happiness flows to you when you focus on your self less. I just want to encourage you today, and everyday, to be selfless and give love to others regardless of how others choose to be. Trust me, they’re not the only ones being helped by it.


Mr. 3 Cent$

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