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Mr. 3 Cent$ ~ It Dawned on Me!

Fun Fact: Containing more than 99.8% of the total mass of the Solar System, the sun is by far the largest object in it.


Dear World,

As I was thinking this morning, off my early morning awakening, beating the sun to its job gave me a sense of arrogance. I contemplated all the times I’d done it before and how productive I was on those days. Then, thoughts lead me to the day at hand and all the issues that have been going on in the world but this idea of the sun just wouldn’t leave me until finally, it dawned on me. Literally, it dawned in the sky! As that was happening, though, a thought came to me and made me pause: The sun does not discriminate on anyone and strives to be fair and equal, giving light and warmth to whoever comes in its presence but even the sun can’t reach everybody all the time. I want to encourage all folks to be like the sun but also understand the frustration and setbacks that might come with it. The sun’s message of light and warmth at times can get blocked from reaching others, smothered in the atmosphere of clouded minds, and sometimes the sun just needs a break. Regardless of what the setback may be, just hold your position, report to your duty everyday, and stay true to your messageā€”just like the sun. There’s people out there who need you!


Mr. 3 Cent$                                          

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