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Feranmi ~ Q&A

Artist Name: Oluferanmi “Feranmi” Quadri

Age: 19

Hometown: Bowie, MD 

Twitter | Instagram: @CubedQ

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Craft(s): Photography

1. Who are a few of your favorite photographers?

I’d say @_DDesigns_ and @Brandonwoelfel are currently two of my favorite photographers on Twitter. They both consistently impress and inspire me to further develop myself as an artist with their works.

2. When are you happiest?

I’m at my happiest when I’m bringing my ideas to life through photography, or really through any medium of creative expression.

3. How old were you when you first picked up a camera?

I was about 12 years when I first got my hands on my own personal point-and-shoot camera. Prior to that I would just use my family camera whenever I had the chance

4. What do you think was the greatest era of music?

I think the current era of music is the greatest honestly. The diversity that’s demonstrated in music is an ever-growing phenomena and hearing the new and innovative styles that people provide today puts me in a state of awe that leads me to love this age of music more and more with every song.

5. What is your thought process going into a shoot?

For all my shoots I always try to make sure that I’m utilizing my settings to the best of my abilities. Another thing I try to do is make sure that people who agree to model for me feel comfortable enough in front of the camera because the emotions of everyone play into the overall composition of the photo.

6. Which decade does your style most reflect?

I’d say my style reflects this decade solely because this is the decade that my photography came into being and my work is influenced by what I see in my life in the present day.

7. Dragon Ball Z or Naruto?

In terms of storyline I’d have to say it’s a really close but Naruto gets the pick…but for the sake of nostalgia I have to say Dragon Ball Z since I grew up with that before Naruto came around.