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Mr. Person ~ Q&A

Artist Name: Mr. Person

Age: 26

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Twitter/Instagram: @iammrperson 

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Craft(s): Wordsmith, Audio Engineer, Music Producer


1. Where did the name Synergy come from?

The album title “Synergy” came from the transformation of energies from my peers during the creative process.


2. What is your favorite track on the project and why?

My favorite would have to be “Summer” because it was written from real life experiences.

3. Where does your greatest amount of support come from?

My greatest amount of support comes from my family they always help keep me inspired.

4. Are you working on anything outside of music?

Currently I am working on short film/animation projects as well as a mobile app for Apple & Android devices.

5. Looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Honestly, I would have to tell my younger self to follow intuition.

6. Explain your writing process?

*Mood lights going*

My writing process is pretty unorthodox. Sometimes I will make a beat and write the song, Sometimes I just ride around and freestyle in the car until something sticks. Other times I will just hit record and freestyle i usually just try and keep things organically structured.

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Rèmi Fréyo ~ Hideaway (New Release)

New track from my forthcoming project ‘Inner Space.’
Listen & Enjoy!

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Jack Vance – SteeloSoul Vol. 1


Name: Jack Vance

IG | Twitter: @JackVance_

Age: 21

Sign: Taurus

Craft(s): Songwriting, Production

1. What is the SteeloSoul series?

The SteeloSoul series are my thoughts in a nutshell. The project is a non cohesive body of work that shows my life at its most vulnerable. It an expression that lives aren’t just in one place at one time: they’re everywhere. I’m trying to show the people that I’m human too.

2. Tell us a little bit about West Oak? How did it start? Who does it comprise of? 

WestOak is a Company I brought together in Denton, TX. I called Jared (@aunixthewolf) about a meeting to set up a team of people who work and do things together musically. He then called Evan (@Evan_DJones), who called Blake (@blake_cris) and Aaron (@Chemztat), and we all had a sit down. We came up with the name based on the street we recorded on: West Oak Street.Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

3. What’s your most favorite and least favorite part of being an artist in the music industry? 

My favorite part is the collaborations: The different minds that come together to make a beautiful vision come to life. I love it because it makes me believe that anything is possible. My least favorite part is the politics of course. I won’t go into it much, but I know a lot of things go on behind the scenes.

4. Where have you been deriving your inspiration from lately?  

To be honest, a lot of inspiration has been coming from my girlfriend, Kiki. She has really been lighting a fire in me. Besides being my favorite person in the world, she motivates me to get up and keep working on the dream. Also, my musical family here in Denton inspire me everyday in different ways.unnamed (1)

5. Kids Next Door or Rocket Power? 

Easy: Otto was much cooler than Numbah 1.

6. Who is in your music rotation right now? 

Tame Impala, Caravan Palace, Anderson. Paak, The Black Keys, Vince Staples, Kanye West (Always), Hiatus Kaiyote, Childish Gambino, Corinne Bailey Rae, Joyce Wrice, and Joey BadA$$.