The Inner Space EP

By: Rèmi Fréyo

Brief Introduction

At its essence, “The Inner Space EP” is a project about the journey to self-realization. While this journey is usually something one attempts on their own, “Inner Space: is a love story about two individuals exploring the depths of their own souls and that of each other’s simultaneously. Remi has described, “The Inner Space EP” as an attempt to summarize the past 3 years of his life, a time when he dropped out of college and became a full-time entrepreneur, battling depression and living on his mother’s couch. The best moments of this EP reveals the heart and inner thoughts of a young black man opening up and allowing himself to become completely vulnerable for his audience. He considers “Inner Space” to be a genre that he created as well as a metaphysical place that one can go to “get away from all the negativity and shit that is happening in the world.” The EP definitely creates a peaceful, calm and serene soundscape. Having produced the entire project himself and crediting 4 specific relationships as the inspiration for the tape, “Inner Space” seems to be the journal of a young self-starter documenting the road to attraction and intimacy using personal experience as a solid foundation.

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“Hideaway” is a ethereal, crooned, lullaby that’s tasked with preparing listeners for what’s to follow. During our first listen, Hideaway, like a good massage caused us to enter into a trance like state alleviating all of our qualms and stress. Even though this song only has one verse it’s revelations our powerful enough to set the tone for the rest of the project.

“Runaway (ft. Dre Francois)”

“Runaway” may be the most modern, pop-influenced track on this project. The hi-hats and trap-influenced drums create a dynamic sound bed for the catchy vocals to sit upon comfortably. It’s hooks like this that have you wondering why you can’t stop singing the lyrics and humming the tune to your favorite song even hours after listening to it. With the perfect assist from Dre Francois, this track is primed to be a summer anthem.

“the interlude.”

“the interlude.” is the most innovative sounding song on this project and that’s saying a lot. This song above all else is what gives Rèmi Fréyo the credibility to declare that he has engineered his own genre with Inner Space. 1:51 seconds of pure zen vibes with vocals engulfed in delays and reverb, the interlude. is the shortest track on this project yet the glue that brings it all together.

“Slow Wine”

“Slow Wine” is a warm summer song that brings back R&B vibes from the early 2000s while still sounding new & innovative. This song houses two of the most intimate and vulnerable verses on the project and is one of our personal favorites. This song is sure to be a favorite amongst the ladies and sounds like it would go perfect with a glass of wine and an attractive dance partner.

“Good Look”

“Good Look” is a strong closer backed with a dance beat that helps reinforce the assured hook. Singing “I’m a real good look” repetitively Rèmi Fréyo confidently closes out this project knowing that he has just dropped 5 gems. The first verse alludes to several trials he faced early on and his ability to overcome them time and time again. This song is best described as “tragedy turned triumph” and Rèmi closes the tape by telling a potential love interest that he’s better than her other suitors, by far.