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iCon ~ Q&A

Artist Name: iCon
Age: 19
Hometown: Fort Washington, MD 
Soundcloud: @iconprod
Snapchat: @mari_icon
Twitter/Instagram: @iconprod_
Facebook: @iConprod
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Craft(s): Vocals, Production, Piano, Drums, Violin

1. What does the title of your upcoming mixtape “Therapy” mean to you?

Last year was a ‘Therapy’ year for me. I had a lot going on in the writing and production of this tape and I used the music to escape as well as describe the pain I was going through at that time. That’s why it’s called ‘Therapy.’ It was ‘Therapy’ for me

2. What instruments do you play?

I play the piano, drums, and violin

3. How immersed are you in the production process of your music?

I was extremely immersed. The whole tape is produced by me, I played the piano parts, and was there in the studio while my engineer was mixing the project.

4. What app do you use the most?

I probably use twitter the most. It’s the easiest tool to use for me when it comes to connecting and growing my fan-base

5. What do you think our generation’s role in fashion is?

I think each and every generation’s role is to establish the standard of fashion for our time.

6. If you could work with any up and coming artists who would it be?

If I could work with any up and coming artists it would be PnB Rock.

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Jada Imani M ~Q&A

Jada Imani M

Age: 21

Hometown: PG County, MD

Twitter/IG: @JadaImaniM


Craft(s): Photography

1. What affect did going to a performing arts middle school have on you?
Attending a performing arts middle school motivated me to pursue a career in acting. I have been told since I was little that I should act and have my own tv show, so that became a dream of mine.
2. Who are some of your favorite actors/actresses? 
Viola Davis is definitely one of my favorite actresses. I also love Issa Rae, she’s a big inspiration to me. Leonardo Decaprio and Samuel L. Jackson are my favorite actors.
3. How do you feel about the 2016 presidential election?
Honestly I was sick to my stomach the whole day after he was elected and it still seems unreal. It’s crazy because he didn’t even win the popular vote and so many people are terrified because of his “plans” that they are protesting day after day. I try to not think about the election much because it still makes me feel sick. I guess the feeling will go away eventually.
4. What separates you from the average photographer?
I think every photographer has their own signature style and mine is creating unrealistic images. I have came across a lot of photographers in the DMV area and I can honestly say my work differs from theirs in various ways. A lot of female photographers capture venture off into film photography, which is cool, but I’m not like that at all. I love digital photography and what I love most is the editing process. Even though I am a digital photographer I find myself being interested in capturing nature, buildings, etc. vs just capturing people all the time. I would rather capture my surroundings.
5. How would you define love?
Love is waking up in the morning knowing that your significant other isn’t going anywhere. Love is a kiss on the forehead, holding hands, and all the corny mushy stuff. Love cannot be forced… it is something that comes natural, or it doesn’t come at all. Love is the key to surviving in a country that doesn’t love me. Basically love is a big cliche, but it’s necessary lol
6. You seem to be obsessed with drastic photograph edits. Why is that?
Creating “drastic” photograph edits is my way of creating my own reality and inviting viewers into that reality. Just imagine if the sky was yellow or pink instead of blue? Art is the closest thing we have to actually seeing something that we can only imagine. The sky will never be yellow or purple, but if viewers broaden their imagination after seeing my work then I know I’ve done my job.
7. What message do you try to communicate with your art?
Ah I guess I said too much in response to the previous question, but overall my message is to create your own reality.
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Se7en Eli ~ Q&A

Artist Name: Se7en Eli

Age: 28

Hometown:  Takoma Park, MD

Social Profiles: @se7eneli

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Craft(s): Recording Artist / hip-hop

1. What is your fascination with the number seven?

Biblically, the number seven represents completion. For me, the number has popped up repeatedly – my apartment number growing up, my high school football jersey number, and a symbol for the positive light I look to bring to the rap game.

2. What do you hope to achieve in L.A.?

LA has already begun to open doors for me that were not present before. I look to broaden my base, become more internationally recognized, and continue to grow my business endeavors as far as merchandise and manufacturing, as well as starting a non-profit organization serving high school students in inner cities.

3. How do you overcome self doubt?

I overcome self -doubt by being disciplined and focusing on myself, my craft, and my service to those in need. It’s usually good to block out nonsense or outside forces that don’t coincide with my bottom line. Patience and having a true love for the process of being a hip-hop artist keeps me humble but still full of belief in my abilities.

4. How was Bunkeridge established?

Bunkeridge The Label LLC was established as an independent record Label and started as a collection of rappers in 2013. Producer Juskiondabeat had experience making quality radio sounds so my label mates and I started a movement with some of our 1st tracks, “MD Lingo” and “Big Bank Roll” which received 4.6 million views on a Worldstar debut. The group eventually went separate ways and in 2015 I transitioned into President of operations as well as a solo artist with full creative control. The Label now has non-profit as well as for-profit platforms that will last for years to come.

5. What moment solidified your pursuit to become a rapper?

The moment I started getting genuine inquiries about my music and community service efforts from people who had been doing those respected crafts for years previous to me coming onto the scene. The content has allowed me to reach audiences from children to Senior Citizens through my music. I received my 1st paid gig this year solidifying my pursuit to become a rapper.

6. What do you think about the future of the music industry?

I believe the future of the music industry is solely in the hands of the independent artists. Social media has changed the scope of the industry and with information traveling at unforeseen speeds, people can get their music fix other places than just the radio and store shelves.

Check out his new EP “Progress Report” on soundcloud