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Bounge – Stealer (New Release)

The last time we spoke to Bounge, she was working on an upcoming album as well as a vinyl compilation. However, recently this high energy artist dropped a music video titled “Stealer” in which she maintains a dynamic appeal as she flails around an empty warehouse reciting the hook “heaven knows no beast like the one inside of me.” One thing I can say about Bounge is that she is consistent. The same grunge appeal that is shown in her previous videos as well as her previous artwork and just overall aesthetic is shown in this video. Although the video doesn’t provide a variety of visuals like her previous videos (specifically Haunted Eau) do, the song itself is well put together. Her airy vocals over the hard hitting beat provide just the right amount of contrast to make the song work. Bounge is in beast mode, and if she continues on this path I look forward to seeing what she puts out in the future.

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Se7en Eli ~ Q&A

Artist Name: Se7en Eli

Age: 28

Hometown:  Takoma Park, MD

Social Profiles: @se7eneli

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Craft(s): Recording Artist / hip-hop

1. What is your fascination with the number seven?

Biblically, the number seven represents completion. For me, the number has popped up repeatedly – my apartment number growing up, my high school football jersey number, and a symbol for the positive light I look to bring to the rap game.

2. What do you hope to achieve in L.A.?

LA has already begun to open doors for me that were not present before. I look to broaden my base, become more internationally recognized, and continue to grow my business endeavors as far as merchandise and manufacturing, as well as starting a non-profit organization serving high school students in inner cities.

3. How do you overcome self doubt?

I overcome self -doubt by being disciplined and focusing on myself, my craft, and my service to those in need. It’s usually good to block out nonsense or outside forces that don’t coincide with my bottom line. Patience and having a true love for the process of being a hip-hop artist keeps me humble but still full of belief in my abilities.

4. How was Bunkeridge established?

Bunkeridge The Label LLC was established as an independent record Label and started as a collection of rappers in 2013. Producer Juskiondabeat had experience making quality radio sounds so my label mates and I started a movement with some of our 1st tracks, “MD Lingo” and “Big Bank Roll” which received 4.6 million views on a Worldstar debut. The group eventually went separate ways and in 2015 I transitioned into President of operations as well as a solo artist with full creative control. The Label now has non-profit as well as for-profit platforms that will last for years to come.

5. What moment solidified your pursuit to become a rapper?

The moment I started getting genuine inquiries about my music and community service efforts from people who had been doing those respected crafts for years previous to me coming onto the scene. The content has allowed me to reach audiences from children to Senior Citizens through my music. I received my 1st paid gig this year solidifying my pursuit to become a rapper.

6. What do you think about the future of the music industry?

I believe the future of the music industry is solely in the hands of the independent artists. Social media has changed the scope of the industry and with information traveling at unforeseen speeds, people can get their music fix other places than just the radio and store shelves.

Check out his new EP “Progress Report” on soundcloud

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Mr. Person ~ Q&A

Artist Name: Mr. Person

Age: 26

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Twitter/Instagram: @iammrperson 

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Craft(s): Wordsmith, Audio Engineer, Music Producer


1. Where did the name Synergy come from?

The album title “Synergy” came from the transformation of energies from my peers during the creative process.


2. What is your favorite track on the project and why?

My favorite would have to be “Summer” because it was written from real life experiences.

3. Where does your greatest amount of support come from?

My greatest amount of support comes from my family they always help keep me inspired.

4. Are you working on anything outside of music?

Currently I am working on short film/animation projects as well as a mobile app for Apple & Android devices.

5. Looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Honestly, I would have to tell my younger self to follow intuition.

6. Explain your writing process?

*Mood lights going*

My writing process is pretty unorthodox. Sometimes I will make a beat and write the song, Sometimes I just ride around and freestyle in the car until something sticks. Other times I will just hit record and freestyle i usually just try and keep things organically structured.