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Jack Vance ~ Drunk Dante (New Release)

Jack Vance

 “Drunk Dante”
Jack Vance is at it again with a new song release and it’s heat! He starts off the track by rapping “Feel like nobody love me” and continues to get more and more introspective throughout the 3:23 duration of this smooth track. The production is gentle and open leaving plenty of space for Jack’s vocals to occupy the pocket confidently as he vents about current trials and tribulations that’s he’s currently facing. Jack never ceases to impress us with his versatility! Check out the song and official track description below – Enjoy!


“Drunk Dante is Jack being vulnerable to himself and to the world. On May 17th, he dropped out of school with 3 dollars and 52 cents. On August 17th, he left for LA with 30 dollars and no sleep. On September 2017, he stepped foot in Wale’s house only to be “little homied.” On March 17th Jack dropped Drunk Dante to show the world that no matter who doesn’t believe in us we will believe in ourselves.”


Instagram & Twitter: @JackVance_
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