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Mr. 3 Cent$ – Stupid Thoughts

Today’s Affirmation: My belief will propel me beyond my current reality.


Dear World,

What would you say to me if, with all seriousness, I looked you in the eyes and encouraged you to be stupid? What would you say if I told you being blind lets you see more and ignorance can help you gain more insight? If you’re not following me, I’m referring to blind faith ladies and gentlemen. Faith allows us to see power we would never witness without it. Many of us overthink ourselves out of success and may be surprised how often this actually happens. Not trusting our instincts and thinking ourselves out of small decisions each day can keep us from being in positions to receive minor opportunities, or even major ones. You’ll never know how going to that function you decided against, or choosing to reach out to somebody, could have changed your life in some way. Sometimes, though, when it comes to the bigger picture we do the same thing. I imagine it being similar to going on a hike and realizing you’ve gone too far into an area you don’t normally go, an area that can be deemed as unsafe; so you turn around, only to find out that a few miles that direction could have lead you to one of the 7 wonders of the world! So many of our great ideas and dreams are left untouched because, chances are, they contain aspects that are rather unforeseeable and can’t be fully accounted for by logic or reason. These dreams may be so contradictory to what you currently see and experience that the consensus (including your own mind sometimes) may be telling you that you would be stupid to do it. Today, I want to encourage you to seek all the knowledge that can be applied to developing and reaching your dream and be ignorant enough to actually do it! Being stupid isn’t always a bad thing folks.


Mr. 3 Cent$

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