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Mr. 3 Cent$ – Environment is Everything!

Quote: “In Boston they expect a championship….you go into our gym everyday and they don’t put up eastern conference banners, they put up all the championship banners. That’s the level of expectation around the whole city.” – Paul Pierce (on the Boston Celtics)

Dear World,

Environment is everything! I decided to watch some Eric Thomas for a little extra dose of motivation one night and stumbled across a real gem. Many of us forget or haven’t been trained to understand how important a winning environment is to our success. It takes good soil for a plant to grow, a strong pack to raise a wolf, and a powerful pride to raise the king of the jungle—environment matters. To help understand how to create that environment, ET touches on two points: expectation and exposure. In other words, “What are you exposed to and what is being expected of you?” This is a great way to determine if you are in a winning environment. Do you like what you’re being exposed to? Is what you’re looking at, hearing, or experiencing helping you reach the goals that you’ve set for yourself? Your conscious mind can’t focus on everything so all the rest of the images, sounds, and other information you take in, where do you think its going? Be mindful of what you’re exposing yourself to. The next question, “What is being expected of you?”, is such a big one I believe because this is the one most often neglect, including myself for a very long time. ET gives the Boston example and I love this so much. In a Paul Pierce interview, he was asked what the expectation was in Boston and Pierce replies by saying they don’t even hang up eastern conference banners in their arena, only final championships! If you don’t go all the way, you didn’t win at all. The environment in Boston is such a winning one because they don’t accept anything else, and if you go up the street, there’s the New England Patriots, Harvard, and more. Chances are, I don’t need to explain to you what those are because you already know—environment is everything. The people around you have to expect winning for you and themselves. But first, it starts with you. Start pushing forward to your mark and those around you will learn to expect greatness from you and when you’ve displayed that you want it for yourself, the right people and opportunities will align. So, remember to ask yourself those two questions and if you don’t like the answers, please change them, because your environment matters.

Check Out ET’s classic TGIM below to get you through this Monday!


Mr. 3 Cent$

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