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Rèmi Fréyo ~ The Inner Space EP [Exclusive]

The Inner Space EP

By: Rèmi Fréyo


We have the honor today of presenting you with the debut EP of, up-and-coming, DMV artist Rèmi Fréyo.

At it’s essence, “The Inner Space EP” is a project about the journey to self-realization. While this journey is usually something one attempts on their own, Inner Space is a love story about two individuals exploring the depths of their own souls and that of each other’s simultaneously. Remi has described, “The Inner Space EP” as an attempt to summarize the past 3 years of his life, a time when he dropped out of college and became a full-time entrepreneur, battling depression and living on his mother’s couch. The best moments of this EP reveals the heart and inner thoughts of a young black man opening up and allowing himself to become completely vulnerable for his audience. Rèmi considers “Inner Space” to be a genre that he created as well as a metaphysical place that one can go to “get away from all the negativity and shit that is happening in the world.” The EP definitely creates a peaceful, calm and serene soundscape. Having produced the entire project himself and crediting 4 specific relationships as the inspiration for the tape, Inner Space seems to be the journal of a young self-starter documenting the road to attraction and intimacy using personal experience as a solid foundation.

You can listen to it here.

UPDATE (8/24/2017): The Inner Space EP is now available for Pre-Order on iTunes & Amazon.

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