Jack Vance – Nineteen: A Conversation

 Jack Vance’s New Mixtape “Nineteen: A Conversation” is a creative masterpiece and is the first of it’s kind. Its theme, as the title suggests, is a conversation that Jack Vance has with a stripper after ordering her services from an ad he saw online. The tape boasts several tracks that gives us a little insight into his past as the intricately woven story-line takes us on a trip to memory lane. The tape features many songs that a plethora of different listeners and audiences can relate to. There is a track for every setting whether your at a party, riding through the city at 2 am, at the gym, or simply chilling with a couple of friends. Jack Vance is officially on our radar now and we absolutely can’t wait to see what comes next from this young southern prodigy.  Listen to the full tape above and follow Jack Vance on Instagram @jackvance1

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