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Mr. 3 Cent$ – Just Showing Some Love

Quote: “The day the power of love overrules the love of power. The world will know peace.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Dear World,

We all wonder what the answer to life’s hardest questions are at some point. Answers that highlight concepts that can’t be easily defined; concepts so powerful that only the effect of their power can truly be comprehended. I believe the most powerful of these is love. The energy of love can overcome any other energy in this world when fully embraced and its in our best interest to do so. Chances are, when you do have a question of life that you can’t seem to find an answer to, love is probably it. How amazing it is to find that God is the embodiment of this energy! Love is the energy that vibrates at the highest level possible, and anyone who’s truly experienced it knows the difference. The enhanced creativity and vitality, the giving spirit, and the freedom and peace that comes as a package deal is essential for life to flourish. If you ask different people from all over the world what love is, you’ll likely get a wide range of answers and perspectives but every person is affected by its power, processing the same uplifting energy in their own way; an energy that transcends all religions, cultures, and backgrounds. That’s why I hope you can find inspiration from this project that was taken on by these cool brothers @lamaJ_Ali and @diantedj behind the camera. In a successful attempt to spread love on Valentine’s Day they decided to commit random acts of kindness by handing out flowers to various women who really appreciated the love that was displayed to them. I hope you can find the inspiration from this video and I also hope that when you are faced with a problem in your life or your environment, you remember the key is to #SpreadLove.




Mr. 3 Cent$

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