Aarun Simon – Reflections (New Release)

Aarun Simon is a Philadelphia based artist who is a part of LV4 productions – a Philadelphia based arts & media collective. Aarun just recently dropped a project called “Reflections.” Overall, we thought “Reflections” was an amazing project! Aarun Simon displays a mass of potential with his witty lyrics and fluid delivery, and we have a gut feeling that Poseidon isn’t done blessing the boy yet. He kind of reminds us of J.Cole back in “The Warm Up” days, pouring his soul onto a canvas like BAsquiat painting his own self-portrait of the man in the mirror. The ‘reflection’ (pun intended)  that we show people on a daily basis needs to be properly checked and balanced, because we never know when it just might consume us. Simons does a great job at analyzing his own personal reflection within his own timeline, swan-diving head-on into a never-ending abyss of daily struggles, and emerging from the depths as a wiser man who is ready to take on the world. We’re excited to find out what else Aarun and the rest of LV4 has in-store for us in the near future.

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