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Soraya Light – “Patron&Hennessy” (New Release)

Soraya Light is a 23 year old artist from the DMV who dropped an amazing track 10 hours ago titled, “Patron&Hennessy.” The subject matter is about as self-explanatory as a school syllabus. As Ms. Light is pouring out her love for her favorite drinks, you feel as if you’re vibing with a chick that you just met. The song emits a cloud nine – like vibe that makes you feel as if you’re back at your boy’s lit house party and you meet a girl with similar interests. After the party is over she gives you her number and tells you to hit her up. The lyrics are very relatable since we are, after all, a generation that lives and breathes the turn up. Soraya’s vocals sound as if they were gifted by the gods, almost like SZA and Eryn Allen Kane had a baby. We really like how she talks about pursuing her passion for music near the end of the track. With a song like this, we’re 100% convinced that Soraya Light will continue to shine as bright as the jewels of Queen Sheba.

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