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Aboard the Crystal Express : How Raury changed the lives of five teens

Taken from the perspectives of five DMV youths, their individual stories describe how Atlanta rapper Raury has impacted and influenced their outlooks on life forever during and after the Crystal Express Tour show at U Street Music Hall on Oct.30th. If you want to hear more about their personal experience from the concert, mention or direct message them on Twitter.

Simone (@vividkiid ):

That concert had to be one of the most life changing events of my life. Raury’s energy and positive vibes are enough to make any person realize their own potential for greatness. My favorite song would have to have been Trap Tears, just simply for the energy spike in the entire room. It was already hype, but that song took it to a whole other level. I’m already looking forward to his next show ! Indigos stand strong !


Kayin ( @KayinPepper ):

Standing in a small room surrounded by people who were all there for the same reason as me felt so good. The opening act, Sunny and Gabe, had just finished warming up the crowd with their chill jazz infused hip hop sound. Instruments were moving left and right, as the stage crew prepared Raury’s set. Everyone was laughing, conversing with neighbors, and chanting “Raury! Raury! Raury!”, anticipating the moment that he would come out and amaze us with his music. Suddenly, the room went so dark that not even shadows could be seen. All that was heard were whispers of curiosity and excitement, which quickly turned into screams of jubilation when the synthesized crescendo start to “All We Need” began and Raury instantly appeared in front of blinding strobes. Eyes squinting, people struggled to see Raury at first. He was like a chameleon, camouflaging with the fog that hovered over the stage. Eventually, the fog cleared a bit and the crowd could see him better. ​Throughout the entire show, the energy in the room was at a constant high. People from all over the region, from all walks of life, were together, riding the Crystal Express. I never felt like I was surrounded by strangers, we were all neighbors, family, and friends. Each song from both his EP “Indigo Child” and his debut album, “All We Need”, tells a story that many young people can relate to. I enjoyed every song that was performed, especially when he surprised the crowd at the end with “God’s Whispers”. Screaming at the top of my lungs “We are the saviors!!” felt like such a spiritual and emotional rush, and the crowd went crazy when Raury jumped from the stage into the audience. Seeing Raury live was one of the best experiences I’ve ever encountered. Concerts are different for everyone. For some they are an unforgettable night that is cherished forever. For others, it’s simply just an escape from reality; people get drunk and feel the rush of the moment but don’t really appreciate where they are and what’s happening around them. Raury is a musician that cares about the people, and working together to make a positive change in the world. This concert truly encouraged me to take life one day at a time, and reach out to people more, even if it’s just simply smiling at someone walking down the street. I felt that everyone was receiving Raury’s message, whether they were drunk, high, or under the influence. At the end of the show, the room united even more as pinkies lifted to the ceiling, expressing that we are all Indigo’s. I will definitely be at Raury’s future concerts whenever he comes to the area.

Songo (@AnonymousxSongo) :

It was a crisp, beautiful fall evening as my squad & I bolted to catch the Takoma Station metro. We had been waiting for two weeks to reach the promised land. Destiny was right on schedule, as we had hopped on the Crystal Express from U Street Music Hall station @ exactly 7:30. As the line was packed similar to the Israelites’ quest to the promised land , my squad & i wondered whether we would meet Raury. Once we got comfortable, it felt like we were transported into the 47th dimension. The setting had an ominous vibe , which made me think that we were in for a treat. As soon as ” All We Need ” started playing , I felt as if i was in a trance that included a campfire & a vast field as my friends & i plugged into nature. The concert was a such a magical experience, & it honestly has changed my life forever. As much as the conformist in me would have wanted to rate & point out flaws in the concert , little did i know that this concert would change our lives forever. From the energy in the room to us making a new friend that night, Raury’s performance was utterly a blessing that my words will fail to express. It was as if we were all sipping tea with Uncle Iroh in the spirit world & talked about life ( if confused, search ” Legend of Korra ” ). This wasn’t about seeing another upcoming artist performing ,it was seeing your friend or brother finally achieve those goals that you were so fire & ice about giving your support. Raury truly made me feel freer in his hour-long set than I’ve ever felt in this lifetime. My favorite piece performed was ” Peace Prevail ” due to the vibes & message on the record. I relate to his non – conformity expressed on the track because I felt like fitting in when I was younger , but now i’ve learned to accept & embrace my weirdness more so with this specific track. All the credit shouldn’t go to him, but to Sunny & Gabe & his amazing band that set the tone for the other night’s performance. My only “regret” is that most people will never have this experience of seeing a genuine artist like Raury perform live. My advice to those people reading is this : If you ever have the chance to see Raury or your favorite artist live, put down the phone & vibe with everybody around you. You can take a few pictures or videos. , but you’ll never lose the memories or influence that the artist has placed on you. Raury taught me that the real superheroes exist & they never had to wear capes. To Raury & the rest of his tourmates : Blessings to you all & Thank you for blessing the DMV with your presence ! We hope to see you soon ! #ForeverIndigo

Mildred ( @NewIceMoon ):

His performance was very inspiring and uplifting I really loved it. I noticed there were a lot of drunk out of control people but that’s not Raury’s fault. I also think it’s cool to have such a young person be able to inspire people of various ages. I really want to see him perform again I absolutely loved it

Justin ( @JThewizkid ):

Seldom do adults and teenagers like the same music nowadays. That is largely because of the sharp contrast in content. Adults music contains messages of love and promotes family values. Our generation’s music mostly contains self­-destructive imagery and misogynistic lingo. Somehow a gentleman by the name of Raury managed to create a perfect blend of the sounds. He’s an extremely conscious individual whose messages of love and peace are easily appreciated by the elder generations. He also has songs such as “Tears In The Trap” which meticulously expose the glorified “trap lifestyle” which so many young people seem to so greatly misunderstand. All in all it was an incredible experience. Raury embodies wholesome messages and is only 19. I look forward to watching his career blossom.

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As someone who was at the Boston show, I related to a lot of what was said here. I didn’t know anyone who liked his music or even knew about him to go with me, so it was all me there. When Raury was up, it was like a room full of strangers turned into my best friends. Raury even made us all hug the person to the left and right of us, spreading such a loving and positive vibe not only at this moment but throughout the show.

Trap Tears was incredible, as was every other song, but my favorite moment was God’s Whisper, screaming “We Are The Saviors.” This was the best music experience of my life. I felt so empowered, like my voice meant something, like I knew I could make a difference. I don’t think I’ve screamed as loud ever in my life. This was an incredible show, and I cannot thank Raury enough

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