Rob Regis – The ArtLord ~ Q&A


Rob Regis is a Hatian artist and emcee whose artistry reminds me of the Graduation-era Kanye West. After stumbling upon his treasure of art , I realized that his art takes on a religious , comic book aesthetic. The abstract imagery pierces the soul as if you’re staring into the eyes of the devil himself. One of my favorite pieces by him is ” Nexus , No Fear. ” Every little detail of the painting caught my eyes , from the blackness of the background to the color of the skin tone. The painting signified rebirth from a spiritual perspective. It was like looking at an inexpensive, modern take on  Van Gogh’s ” A Starry Night .” Similar to how we become ” new, fixed characters” after being baptized , it compelled me to stop thinking of art in a cliche manner & to break away from conformity to popular opinions & ideas. Rob’s artistry is really incredible & it’s quite the outer body experience. Check out more of his art on Instagram @rob_regis and give his music a listen over at .

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