Healthy Living: Tips for a productive day

So I am by no means an expert on healthy living but I created a morning routine for myself and so far it has worked wonders. It’s really simple. I wake up every morning around 6:00 am and I go for a 1-mile run. Along that run there is a park near my house where I add in a couple other exercises (pull-ups, sit-ups, etc) for a total of about 15-20 minutes. When I get back to the house I take 30-minutes to an hour or so and do some push-ups, relax, catch my breath, listen to some uplifting music and get some positive vibes flowing.

In the past i’ve been historically bad at eating breakfast in the morning but after a mile run you’re going to be hungry. The next step in my routine involves eating a healthy well-balanced breakfast to start your day off with a good energy level. Fruits and cereals are a great quick and easy breakfast to make and to stock up on and they allow you a little flexibility. You can eat the fruits straight some days and you can make smoothies on others. Orange juice is always awesome and it goes really well with oatmeal. You can stock up on yogurt in case your in a rush one morning and need to take your breakfast on the go. Just try to eat light and avoid heavy foods in the mornings.

After breakfast I pull my laptop out and check my favorite news sites and blogs (hint hint ;p) and I even write a post or two myself before heading out to work. I’ve noticed that my days are a lot less stressful and I experience little to no fatigue. This routine has really helped me to maintain a consistent energy level throughout the day. A good night sleep is also very important so that you have enough energy when you wake up to start it all over again!

So I’m curious what do you guys do in the mornings? Any tips or ticks that you do every morning that helps you have a productive day? I’d love to try out some new things and update my routine. Let us know in the comments below!

Well I’m off to work! Have a positive prosperous day! 🙂

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