Myles Loftin-Synergy ~ Q&A

Name: Myles Loftin

Twitter|IG: @goldenpolaroid

Age: 17

Sign: aquarius

Craft(s): photography


  1. When did you realize you were interested in art?

I’ve always been interested in art. Originally I wanted to draw. I remember being in elementary and middle school having 4,5, and 6 different sketchbooks filled with different little characters that I would draw. I even used to draw little watermarks on my work. It wasn’t until the summer before m 9th grade year when I went to Italy that I actually realized I was interested in photography.

  1. What Influences you and where do you get your inspiration?

I’m influenced by society, peers, fellow artists and pretty much everything I encounter on a day to day basis. I believe it’s true for the most part when people say that you are a product of your environment. I’m a product of the factors that I allow to influence me and that, I hope is seen through my work.

I get my inspiration from everywhere. If it’s something that I see and I think I could use a part of that idea in a photograph, I’ll save it and put it away for future use. I think my biggest inspiration comes from the internet as well as nature. The internet because it’s so vast and there is never a shortage of interesting source material, especially on social media networks like instagram and tumblr. Nature is another huge influence because as a visual person I am really interested in color, and the way different colors interact. So seeing how colors occur in nature serves as an inspiration for how I will incorporate color into my own works.

  1. Who are your top 5 favorite artists?

I don’t have 5 favorite artists but here are my top three (not in any particular order)

  • Jean Michel-Basquiat
  • Petra Collins
  • FKA Twigs
  1. If you could work with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

If I could work with anyone dead or alive I would work with Richard Avedon.

  1. What is your creative process?

My creative process for a lot of my self portraits starts with boredom. Usually it will be when I’m home alone, or if it’s a rainy day. I’ll be sitting around the house for hours and all of the sudden an idea will come into my head and immediately I have to create it. When I photograph people other than myself, it’s another process. I try to look at the person that I’m photographing and capture their essence within that shot. Another thing I like to do when photographing people is to tell some kind of story, or give some context to the person in the picture. It’s nice when seeing a picture to be able to imagine who that person is and what they’re like.

  1. What differentiates you from different artist?

I think that all artists are different. One thing that makes me different is that I am not trying to be something or someone that I am not. I just do what comes naturally.

  1. What impact do you wish to leave with your art?

The impact that I’d like to leave on the viewer with my art is a feeling of emotion followed by the desire to see more of my work.

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