Jetty McFly – Black Superhero (New Release)

Jetty McFly is an upcoming rapper from the DMV who recently released a track entitled “Black Superhero.” The instrumental has a vintage 90s feel and sounds like the type of record that would come in a vinyl. McFly’s flow is on par with the instrumental and the hook is one to get your heads bobbing to the chill vibes. He sounds hungrier than a pack of wolves on a hunger strike in North Dakota and flexes harder than Bruce Wayne on food stamps. What I liked about the track was that Mcfly’s voice sounded comfortable on the instrumental. By the end of the track, it gives the listener the impression that McFly will be soaring for a long time. The artwork captures the essence of the late seventies or early eighties black lifestyle. Here’s to Jetty McFly’s migration to greatness and we’ll definitely be keeping record of his hang time in the sky. Download the single and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @JetGladstone. 

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