The Outlet Presents – RIME CRAZY (Project Xmas Party)

Over the past couple of months I’ve had the amazing opportunity of spending a lot of time with a group of gentleman that go by the moniker ‘RIME CRAZY.’ I quickly learned that their name was much more than a brand but a movement, their concerts felt like a family gathering where nobody was left out. At all of the shows I attended I heard the crowd screaming their individual names as well as ‘RC’ or ‘RIME CRAZY’ publicly declaring their association with the RC family. It was easy to see how deeply embedded their fans emotions were with their music and their overall movement and it was incredible to watch. The amount of love and support demonstrated at their shows is something that you’ll have to witness to believe. I have high faith in the progression, the longevity, and the continued rise to success of the individuals leading this movement. For a brief glimpse into their lifestyle check out the video above and make sure to follow them @ronjspike @daddy_dontplay @jahhcoolin @everybodyhatesnaib @mrflip_neverflop

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