The.Soto ~ Q&A

Name: Darren Soto

IG: @the.soto

Age: 24

Sign: Cancer

Craft(s): Character Design, Comics, Illustration


  1. When did you realize you were interested in art?

I’ve wanted to draw for a living since I was a kid. My friend and I would draw our own Pokémon and Yugioh cards, which sparked our love to draw.

  1. What Influences you and where do you get your inspiration?

I get a lot of my ideas of my inspiration from the people around me, music, comics/anime, and other artists.

  1. Who are your top 5 favorite artists?

My 5 right now (not in any order) are Yuji Iwahara, Kang Minjung, Catherina Bastos, Lesean Thomas, and Sanford Greene.

  1. If you could work with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

If I could work with anyone right now it probably be Kim Jung Gi. His work is amazing, and I could learn a lot from him.

  1. What differentiates you from different artist?

I believe my style sets me apart from other artists. It definitely catches people’s attention.  In addition, the subject matter that I draw and my ability to use various mediums differentiates me from other artists.

  1. What impact do you wish to leave with your art?

I want to inspire people with my art. I want those who believe they can’t accomplish their dream to see my work and realize anything is possible. I also want to create characters and work that people want to share with others.

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