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Yancy E. – Now I Gotta Rap (New Release)

Yancy E. Is an upcoming DMV rapper who just recently dropped his second project titled, “Now I Gotta Rap.” The tape had a cartoon-ish feel , as if charlie brown one day decided to rap about his daily life. If Chalk Zone were to exist in 2015, then Yancy definitely took his skills back to the pavement. Produced by Yung Lysol , “Now I Gotta Rap” is a self-portrait of the new chapter that Yancy attempted to draw with only a bucket of chalk. If “Bitz’ N Bops” was his debut, then “Now I Gotta Rap” is Yancy E.’s “The Dark Night.” With this project, he really experiments more with his production while the lyrics stay true to his lifestyle and personality. It’s as if Stan Lee drew a comic about his life as an innocent bystander making appearances in super hero scenarios. My favorite song off the project was “Pussy Scoring/Tity Drop” because I liked the ferocity of the instrumental and lyrics. Maybe the rap game doesn’t need anymore super heroes, since we have people like Yancy who can create comic book-like portraits of their experiences. After experiencing an amazing tape, we believe Yancy will keep balancing on water with his Air Jesus 11s. Check out “Bitz’ N Bops” and “Now I Gotta Rap” on, and follow him on Twitter & Instagram @yunglysol.

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[…] Yancy E. is back with another energetic melodic track entitled “Can I hang?” This catchy tune is a honest rendition of pursuing the opportunity to spend some quality time with a stunning someone. The wordplay is sleek and the production is A1 thanks to @yunglysol. Listen to the song below and check out his EP “Now I Gotta Rap” here. […]

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